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Internship (practical studies)


           In the curriculum of the faculty (Bologna system) a specialized internship of  90 hours is provided in the last three weeks of the semester teaching IV. This internship aims at specific knowledge of foreign trade companies, deepen some aspects of the organization, operation and management of foreign trade activities, practical methods of  business and economic research. The practical training shall be conducted in accordance with the rules of this activity in the Christian University" Dimitrie Cantemir"(UCDC), which is presented to the students at the beginning of each academic year.
Assessment of knowledge after internship is done by an oral examination scoring from 1 to 10. At this practice exam, students present- besides the internship certificate confirming the basic specifications of ongoing practice and daily practice- a personal essay on one of the topics recommended for this purpose, therefore the test and the essay will attest for the practical knowledge in the field. Share internships represent 4.5% of the total time for compulsory and optional subjects.

           Internship locations were organized in representative units - specialized research institutions and private, public or mixed foreign trade companies. In order to improve the efficiency of practical studies, the Faculty leadership group tried to divide students into two groups, depending on their choices on the basis of practical:

  • Students who wish to attend internship in units suggested by the faculty;
  • Students who wish to attend internship in units they have found on their own.

           The most representative of the practical training units offered by the faculty were at the Institute of World Economy, the Romanian Centre for the Promotion of Foreign Trade and Investment, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania, the European Institute of Romania, ANEIR, ROMTRANS, Forex etc.
Laying the foundation of  practical training was made by the faculty leaders on their prior identification and agreement between management entities and research institutes, resulted in a bilateral convention.
Choosing the practical training is done through a proper mechanism, based on a previous professional relationship established between teachers and management entities or host research institutions, successful approaches in this regard are due to the interest of some of the business agents to know and to select future young  professionals.

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