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Christian University "DIMITRIE CANTEMIR"

The foundation and development of "Dimitrie Cantemir" Christian University is one of the most eloquent proofs of the private initiative efficiency even in a conservative field like that of Higher Education.

About Faculty of International Business Administration

  An overview of the Faculty of International Business Administration. The Faculty provides the students a high quality educational process,
conceived in accordance with Bologna System, on two successive levels:
1.Level I: Bachelorís Degree accredited studies, three years, full-time and low-attended courses.
2.Level II: Master Degree accredited studies, two years, in the field of management, international business and European accession business.
RAQAHE Accreditation
   DCCU, accredited by law 238/2002, is institutionally evaluated by Romanian Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education with High Degree of Confidence, the highest degree granted to a Romanian University.

Career Opportunities

   The high educational level provided by the Faculty of International Business Administration offers the students a wide range of professional competencies, enabling them to perform as specialists in the international business field after graduation.

International Relations

The Faculty of International Business Administration has collaboration relations with the same profile faculties abroad and organizes teaching staff and students exchanges through ďERASMUSĒ program. further details...

Bachelorís Degree Programme

   This programme is drawn up considering the current the specialistsí training in the International Business field, with a view to widely open the economies beyond frontiers.
Masterís Degree programmes
- International Business (in English)
- International Business Management
- Conflicts Resolution Mechanisms of Economic Diplomacy
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