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   The Bachelor’s degree programme „Economics and International Business” has the proper subjects for the students to acquire the following professional and transversal skills:
Professional Skills
- Research and analyses regarding the business environment
- Support in preparing and developing international business negotiations
- International business performance according to the contract terms
- Support for the international promoting activities fulfillment
- Support in promoting specific activities /initiatives within the international economic organizations
Transversal Skills
- Strategy of applying the principles, norms and professional ethical values in the strict, effective and responsible work environment
- Emphasis of the tasks and responsibilities in a multifunctional team and the implementation of communication skills and effective teamwork
- Emphasis of the ongoing training opportunities and the efficient capitalization of the resources and techniques in self intellectual development
Considering the contents of the subjects in the specific syllabuses, the Bachelor’s degree programme „Economics and International Business” endows its graduates with specialty competencies in accordance with the demands on the Romanian and European labor market and the Jobs Classification in Romania (RJC 2015) for the following eventual positions/jobs:
• Counsellor / expert / inspector / reviewer / International Economic Relations Economist (244105),
• Economist Research Assistant in International Economic Relations (258112),
• Consular Agent (241903),
• Diplomatic attaché (241905),
• Exhibitions Presenter (241912),
• Diplomatic Secretary (241914),
• Commercial Correspondent (241916),
• Economic Secretary ( education) (241917),
• Customs Controller,
• Controller for customs duty,
• Customs agent (higher education ) ( 241920),
• Customer Services Analyst (241922),
• Commercial Assistant (241923),
• Director Assistant/ Responsible for Operation (higher education) (241924),
• Expert in accessing European structural and cohesion funds (241948),
• European Affairs Advisor (241949),
• Expert contracting investment activities (241950).

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